A History of Swans

In the early 2000’s there were large numbers of people moving to Victoria and with a large growth in Saanich Newcomers Club (SNC) it was decided that it may be necessary to form another grad group besides SNAC (Saanich Newcomers Alumnae Club)and Grads. In the spring of 2002 a committee consisting of a member from each of SNC, SNAC and GRADS looked at the possibility of forming a third grad group. They proposed the formation of this group to meet the fourth Wednesday of the month , starting August of 2002.

In the first year (2002-2003) the SNC grads from 2001 were asked to join the 2002 grads to make up a viable membership. There were close to 80 members that first year and the Executive based their Policies and Procedures on those of Newcomers. SNC was such a successful club that SWANS followed the same format with the same activities. For the first two years some of the groups like golf and hiking joined the Newcomers as there were not enough SWANS to have their own groups.

The original intent of SWANS was to accommodate the ever growing numbers of SNC graduates and be a flow through group so that after 3 years we graduated back into SNAC or GRADS. However, we were having such a good time we voted not to move on and stay on indefinitely in SWANS.

For the first four years we held our luncheons at the Princess Mary Restaurant until it closed. That venue had round tables of 8, instead of the rectangular ones at SNC, and we continued the practice of tile seating. Finding a new venue close to downtown that could accommodate our needs and costs was difficult and we chose The Ambrosia Event Centre downtown. After a year the membership voted to move to The Royal Colwood Golf Club. The beautiful scenery, accommodating staff and delicious buffet have kept us there ever since 2007.

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