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Arts & Culture

On January 9th, 2020, the group visited the Aviation Museum and had a tour guided by Paul Gooch, Bev Gooch’s husband. He emphasized the role of women in aviation history.

Bird Watching

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Book Club

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Bridge – Ladies Afternoon

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Brisk Walking Playfair Park

Butchart Gardens Walking Group

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Dining Out

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Fashion Show 2018

Fashion Show 2019 by Mynx

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Fashion Show by Mynx Boutique 2019

Friday Walkers

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July 31, 2020 Social Distancing Walk

July 3, 2020 – A wet but enjoyable walk!

Golf Monday Morning

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Mah Jong

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Movie Group

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Out To Lunch

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Salad Social

Salad Social Zoom 2020

Salad Social Zoom 2020

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Stitching Connection

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Sunday Hiking 2019

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